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Profits + Prosecco: The Podcast

Jan 31, 2022

Come listen as we say a fond farewell to BOB and meet Libby, the new rising star of the office!

This is just a reminder that if you feel stuck in a rut, you don’t have to stay. And if you feel inspired to be a breath of fresh air, you can be! It’s never too late to change. Through BOB’s and Libby’s respective...

Jan 24, 2022

Welcome to Part 2 of my three-act production! 

BOB, BABs, and Katie are back for Office Gossip Part 2: The Confrontation! Here we get more of a peek inside BOBs inner dilemma, as he bites the bullet and finally lets his boss know his true feelings.

While all of this is a fun way to say that I’m making much needed and...

Jan 17, 2022

So this week, I decided to get a little silly, and well, enjoy my one-woman show. 

This will be a series in which I act out a lil something to tease changes I’m making to my Booked Out Bookkeeper™ program. Think of it as a content teaser trailer, and I’m the star, baby. It’s going to be in multiple parts,...

Jan 10, 2022

Can’t decide if you should work for a “real” firm before trying to go it alone as a bookkeeper? Sorry, I hold no answers for you; both ways are valid, and frankly, it depends on what you want your work life to look like.

It’s also dependent on the level of confidence you have in your own skills. If you feel like...

Jan 3, 2022

Argh, taxes! They’re barreling down upon us all, and if you’re terrified of sorting through the past year’s financials, you are far from alone. 

I’ve been there, and I know how petrifying it can be when you feel like your finances are out of control. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret…you...