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Profits + Prosecco: The Podcast

Jan 10, 2022

Can’t decide if you should work for a “real” firm before trying to go it alone as a bookkeeper? Sorry, I hold no answers for you; both ways are valid, and frankly, it depends on what you want your work life to look like.

It’s also dependent on the level of confidence you have in your own skills. If you feel like maybe you need some guidance and systems in place to check on your work, then working under someone is probably a good idea.

In this episode we'll look at:

  • Other reasons it may be a good idea to work under a bigger company first
  • Resources I’ve developed to help you hone your skills

No matter which path you take, your skill set and tenacity will speak for themselves as soon as you start your job. It’s my hope that the programs I’ve created will help you get started and give you a great foundation to build on. If you already have some experience then I hope that it can help you refine your skills and push you over the top in terms of confidence in your work.

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