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Profits + Prosecco: The Podcast

Jan 17, 2022

So this week, I decided to get a little silly, and well, enjoy my one-woman show. 

This will be a series in which I act out a lil something to tease changes I’m making to my Booked Out Bookkeeper™ program. Think of it as a content teaser trailer, and I’m the star, baby. It’s going to be in multiple parts, so you’re going to have to wait with bated breath for further installments, like it’s 1940 radio. 

During my little performance, you’re going to meet BOB, BABs (his bestie coworker), Ariel (BOB’s supportive and sage wife), and me as The Boss. Giving my programs personalities and dialog was so fun, and it gave me a unique way to personify real problems that may come from continuing with the way things are just because it's working.

I’ll be demonstrating: 

  • The effects of burnout and obligation at the expense of self
  • Wondering if your job needs to feel like an obligation
  • Hints at what is in store for Booked Out Bookkeeper™

When we meet BOB, he’s despondent and tired. He yearns for freedom. We’re talking Mel Gibson in facepaint on a horse level of freedom. But, the question is, is your audience getting the “you” that they need if you are denying your feelings and forcing yourself into something you no longer want? Does it have to be all or nothing?

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